My Plan

The last few years have been tough for citizens in Edmonton. The pandemic has impacted day to day lives in an unprecedented manner. A key to recovery will be how the City manages decisions in the next few years, I would like to assist in steering the course as I believe city council has lost sight of the real issues impacting Edmontonians.

Increase the value we get for the taxes we pay. We pay a lot for waste removal, road clearing, recreation, water, and infrastructure and too often what we get isn’t great. We need to take a deep look into eliminating unnecessary spending at City Council.

Ending the cash cow of photo radar and finding more effective tools that will make our streets safer.

We need to look after seniors and vulnerable Edmontonians. One of the ways you do that is by not constantly charging more for less.

We need good roads, efficient transit, and safe streets and communities.

We need the City Council to empower small businesses to thrive in Edmonton.

We need a competitive tax and regulatory framework that encourages business investment and job creation within Edmonton rather than driving it out of the city.

We need to change the expectation that property taxes will increase every year and nothing will be built on time and on budget. If we demand better we will get results!